Arrival app home screen on an iPhone 13 Pro


The BART app for commuters
A project of Ronan Furuta
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Arrival is THE beautiful and clean BART app for commuters. With an interface that is easy and intuitive to use, you get access to real-time train predictions for the station nearest to you from the moment you launch it. This fast experience quickly gets you access to the information you need without excess tapping and visual clutter and allows you to quickly see detailed information (where to transfer, transfer windows, and train colors) for any stop.
Trip detail screen of the Arrival BART app. The screen shows transfer times and windows.

Streamline your commute

Arrival quickly and intelligently shows you the information you want to know and lets you easily share it from within the app.

Main screen of the Arrival BART app.

Arrival works for you

Arrival uses on device machine learning to make context aware search suggestions; allowing you to quickly find your destination.

Trip planner view of Arrival app.

Plan ahead

Arrival allows you to plan your trips ahead of time. Arrival will even suggest possible departure and arrival times.

Trip detail screen of the Arrival BART app in dark mode. The screen shows transfer times and windows.

Dark mode

Arrival comes with a stunning dark mode to complement the default light theme.

BART alert screen.

Get an early warning

Arrival pulls warnings in realtime from BART, helping you avoid delays.

Trip options displayed on the Arrival BART app.

Know when you will arrive

Arrival pulls data straight from BART to figure out when you will arrive at your destination.

Help screen of the Arrival BART app.


Arrival intentionally does not collect
identifiable information and the information
it does collect stays on device.


Arrival is thoughtfully designed to be easy and enjoyable to use. Additionally, there are no ads cluttering up the experience.

Open source

Arrival is an open source project The source code is available to view and download.

Key Features:

One of Arrival's best features is that it is fast. Really fast. It loads the information you need quickly and without any extra steps. This allows you to take BART throughout the San Francisco Bay Area with ease.

Trip Planner
Arrival's trip planner allows you to plan trips to stations ahead of time. It will even provide suggestions of potential arrival and departure times.

BART Alerts
Arrival displays BART warnings in real time to help you avoid delays.

Station Search
Arrival has an intelligent station search algorithm that uses on-device machine learning to provide you with relevant results.

Siri Shortcuts
Use Siri Shortcuts to automate Arrival.

Machine Learning
Arrival uses on-device machine learning throughout the system to provide intelligent suggestions and speed up your experience.

Arrival has zero ads or clutter. It's just the BART information you need.

Private & Secure
Arrival intentionally does not collect identifiable information. It processes as much data as it can on device. Additionally, it does not sell or share information with 3rd party advertisers.

A year after its initial release, Arrival v2 is a completely rewritten and more functional BART app. It is faster, more user-friendly, and includes many updates to improve the experience.

Trip Planner
In Arrival v2 you can schedule trips by when you would like to depart or arrive. To do this set a destination station, then, tap the leave now button.

BART Alerts
By tapping the caution sign icon at the top right (near settings) you can now view BARTs system alerts.

Station Search
Arrival's station search is now smarter and shows walking and driving times to the nearest stations. (This can be turned off in settings)

Train Departure Times
You can now tap a trains departure time to switch between time until departure (10min) and estimated departure time (9:00am).

Siri Shortcuts Integration
You can now create Siri Shortcuts to automate getting train information.

MacOS Support
While we don't recommend using your Mac while walking around BART, you can now use Arrival on your Mac. This is helpful to glance at the train times before you leave.

Help Screen
Arrival now has a new help screen with tips for using Arrival as well as information about its development roadmap.

Settings Screen
The settings screen has been redesigned to make it more organized.

Machine Learning
Arrival's machine learning algorithms have been completely rebuilt to harness Apple's CoreML framework and on device acceleration. This means that your predictions should be more accurate and faster.

Removing Google APIs
Arrival is designed to be protective of user privacy. In version two we have removed Arrival's dependence on Firebase.